Dates correspond (roughly) to SSC Archive releases.

- -texdoc stlog- now has a new -beamer- option
- the help file now has suffix .sthlp instead of .hlp

- when pre-processing the do-file and processing the log files, lines starting
  with "*" in a multiline-command could be misinterpreted; this is fixed

- -texdoc close- caused error if -logall- was active; this is fixed
- option -linesize()- of -texdoc stlog- did not always behave as expected;
  this is fixed
- -texdoc stlog quietly- added
- -texdoc do- now allows arguments
- -logall- did not capture Stata commands at the beginning of a do-file if
  the do-file was included by a nested -texdoc do- command; this is fixed
- some internal changes related to the -cmdlog- option

- -texdoc substitute- added
- -texdoc stlog oom- and -texdoc stlog cnp- no longer have any effect if used 
  outside an stlog section or if texdoc is not initialized

- -texdoc local- can now also be used within an stlog section
- -texdoc graph- commands within an stlog section were not executed if nodo
  was on; this is fixed
- -texdoc do- did not exit when -texdoc init- returned error; this is fixed
- texdoc always omitted the file suffix in \includegraphics{}; this is fixed
- TeXdoc_stloc was not backed up in nested calls to -texdoc do-; this is fixed
- the functions for parsing command lines have been rewritten; they are now more
  transparent and faster
- stripping of texdoc commands in -texdoc strip- or when processing a log file
  has been improved
- globals set by -texdoc stlog- are now kept until the next -texdoc stlog- 

- texdoc did not work in Stata 9 because because it uses the tokenget() function
  that was introduced in Stata 10; version control has now been promoted to 10.1
- -texdoc- now uses -log texman- instead of -sjlog-; installation of -sjlatex- 
  is no longer required
- a named log is now used by -texdoc stlog-; that is, -texdoc stlog- no longer
  closes the default log if one is running
- -texdoc stlog- now has a linesize() option; -set linesize- now affects 
  -texdoc stlog- in all supported versions of Stata
- new options alert() and tag() have been added to -texdoc stlog-
- new option -certify- has been added to -texdoc stlog-
- there is a new -texdoc local- command
- current r()-returns are now preserved by -texdoc stlog- and -texdoc stlog close- 
- file open errors could occur on Windows (probably due to virus scanners) 
  when replacing files using unlink() followed by fopen(); texdoc now uses 
  multiple tries to open the file

- -texdoc append- now has a substitute() option
- a blank line was printed at end of log sections unless -hardcode- was
  specified; this is fixed
- when determining the amount if indentation, ltrim now treats tabs as blanks
  and ignores lines that only contain white space

- texdoc _write added
- numbered command lines (program definitions, loops) in log output are now 
- typo in texdoc_do_stlog() fixed; could case fatal error
- -texdoc stlog : command- implemented
- now maintaining a file handle for the output documents in a global macro;
  causes commands such as -texdoc write- to be faster because file stays open
  (negative side effect is that it is now possible that the file handle 
  stays open on error => if the user modifies global macro TeXdoc_docname_FH, 
  which is very unlikely); also changed -tex- command
- interactive use deactivated (unless option -force- is specified)
- further improved commandline parsing
- mata: "* ..." no longer interpreted as comment line
- added some corrections to helpfile and wpaper (underlining of "no")

- logall: 
    o empty lines at beginning and end of sections are now excluded
    o -texdoc stlog oom- and -texdoc stlog cnp- are now included
- now closes log on error
- relation between custom and hardcode clarified
- option nooutput added
- version now passed through in -texdoc stlog using-
- texdoc stlog close was not stripped from log if it contained _indent() 
  option; this is fixed
- texdoc do: new implementation of do-file parser; now takes account of whether
  initialization is on or off
- logall now also captures commands at the very beginning of the dofile
- texdoc strip: now takes account of comments in tex
- logdir() now no longer resets the prefix, if a prefix option has been 
  specified in an earlier call to texdoc init or texdoc do
- now enforcing forward slash in include-paths under Windows

- texdoc write and texdoc append now use Mata; should now be robust againt 
  ngerman quotes
- now no longer using {browse} to display file links in Unix/Linux
- texdoc stlog/texdoc graph: specified name must now be included in quotes if
  it contains blanks (like in texdoc do and texdoc init)
- now using a snippet collection as a global mata pointer vector (with a backup
  on disk) to handle tex sections
- -texdoc do- now automatically initializes the LaTeX document using the name
  of the dofile as base name (unless do-file contains initialization or the
  LaTeX document is already initialized).
- option -matastrip- now remove the mata opening and mata ending commands
  from stlog section (only of mata opening is on first line)
- cmdstrip/lbstrip now also work in mata code sections
- lbstrip now also applies to -cmdlog- (although this does not really make that 
  much sense)
- gtstrip option added
- not about -set output- added to helpfile
- new backend for pre-processing do-file; tex sections and cmdlogs are 
  saved to tempfiles; whole do-file is executed in one piece so that 
  locals and settings are preserved
- indent is now correct
- new -logall- option
- savecmd() option discontinued
- noclose option discontinued
- // texdoc exit now also allowed in tex section
- texdoc commands are now also stripped from cmdlog
- texdoc graph now stripped from log files
- texdoc graph can now be specified within stlog section
- can now specify custom name for texdoc graph
- conflicts between -nolog- and -cmdlog- now solved
- -texdoc init-, -texdoc do-, and -texdoc stlog- now disabled within stlog
- -texdoc log close- no longer returns error if no stlog is open
- option -nostop- added (texdoc do, texdoc stlog using)
- graph no longer prints empty line

- option gropts() and the relevant suboptions now use macval()
- multiple output formats may now be specified in texdoc graph
- texdoc graph now has a [no]suffix() option
- texdoc graph now has a [no]custom option
- texdoc graph now has a name() option
- global TeXdoc_stindent was not cleared between calls to texdoc stlog; this is 
- texdoc do did not allow abbrev gr:opts(); this is fixed
- [no]logdir[(path)] option added (place log files in subdirectory)
- indentation of commands within a -texdoc stlog- block is now removed by 
  -texdoc do- (the amount of white space to be removed is determined by the 
  minimum indentation in the block); option -noltrim- can be used to prevent
  removing indentation
- -texdoc do- did not process option -[no]cmdlog- correctly if it was 
  abbreviated; this is fixed
- "/*tex" was not recognized if it was preceded by white space; this is fixed
- closing "tex*/" tag is now ignored if commented out by "%"
- "/*** ... ***/" can now be used as a synonym for "/*tex ... tex*/"
- -texdoc stlog oom-, -texdoc stlog cnp-, and -texdoc stlog close- were not 
  removed from log if preceded by white space; this is fixed
- new -texdoc graph- command to export graphs after -texdoc stlog-; new gropts()
  and grdir() options for -texdoc init-/-texdoc do-
- texdoc now creates missing directories, if possible
- -texdoc write- command added; like -tex-, but preserves leading spaces
- -tex- is no longer documented (but still supported)

- help: added a note about local macros only being available until next piece
- texdoc do: pieces containing just an empty single lines are no processed
- -texdoc do- now has a -cd- option to change the working directory to the
  directory of the dofile (and restore the current working directory when done)

- now using own version of cat() so that filehandle can be passed through
- lbstrip no longer applies to cmdlog
- simplified some code; -texdoc do- now only uses one file handle
- fixed some issues with error codes
- absolute path is now used for dofile, savecmd, tex document, and log files 
  so that -cd- does not break texdoc
- texdoc strip now returns -do fn- for -texdoc do fn [, ...]-
- quoted filenames in texdoc do and texdoc init now allowed

- cmdlog-files are now also kept if hardcode is specified
- texdoc do can now be nested
- texdoc init can now be applied without docname to reset the options
- error message if savecmd() or init docname is equal to texdoc dofile
- in and out in texdoc strip can now be same file
- texdoc strip now handles -texdoc stlog using-
- texdoc_do() now only uses two file handles even if savecmd is specified
- -texdoc stlog using- added
- cmdlog option added
- verbatim opion added
- fixed bug that could occure with -nodo- if -texdoc stlog close- had line
- keep is now default; however, cmdlog-files will always erased if hardcode is 
- texdoc stlog oom: now passes through the caller version
- texdoc stlog oom: now supports syntax "texdoc stlog oom ///[...]" so that 
  command can be on next line
- texdoc stlog close: now leaves TeXdoc_stname behind
- new option -lbstrip- to stip " ///[...]" at end of command lines (lines 
  staring with ". " or subsequent lines starting with "> "); can use
  -nolbstrip- to turn off in textdoc stlog
- new option -cmdstrip- to remove command lines (lines staring with ". " or 
  subsequent lines starting with "> "); can use -nocmdstrip- to turn off in
  textdoc stlog
- new option -nodo- to turn stata commands within stlog off; can use -do- to 
  turn on in stlog
- new option -nolog- to run commands but do not create log; can use -log- to 
  turn on in stlog 
- settings from -texdoc init- were not available before first /*tex tex*/ block; 
  this was no problem in earlier versions, but it was now because of options
  nodo and lbstrip; this is fixed (-texdoc do- now adds a cuts if it hits
  -texdoc init-)
- texdoc do now returns error if prefix(), nodo, lbstrip or cmdstrip is 
  specified without init()
- \input{} cannot handle "-" in file names; now using save method to include 
  such names
- option stpath/stpath() to add path to stlog-filename in \input{}
- prefix("") can now be used to remove the default prefix
- -texdoc do- now automatically closes the texdoc environment if it is left open
  by the dofile (i.e. if the dofile contains no -texdoc close- statement)
- hardcode option to write stlog to texfile instead of include-file
- keep option to keep external stlog files even if hardcode is specified
- stlog-include statement now written by -texdoc_stlog_close-, not -texdoc_stlog-
- texdoc close now returns information in s()
- stcounter is now incremented before generating the log, not after, so that 
  the global macro contains the number of the current/last log
- [no]custom option added
- -everything equalok- removed from -snytax anything()- in -texdoc do- and 
  -texdoc init-
- new -texdoc append fn- to add contents of fn to tex file
- texdoc_stlog_close now uses subroutine texdoc_tex instead of -tex- command
- -tex- now uses the -file- command instead of mata file functions; this is 
  better because the file handle is closed automatically on break or error (and
  it is also a bit faster!) (also removed second try to open texfile with time
  delay if texfile cannot be opened)
- texdoc_stlog_close now returns information in s()
- mm_outsheet() replaced by texdoc_fput()
- texdoc init now clears s-returns
- now using Mata globals for file handles so that they can be closed in case of 
  error (as suggested by W. Gould)
- savecmd() option => savecmd(filename[, replace append])
- line "// texdoc exit" (outside a /*tex tex*/ block) now exits the texdoc do 
  file (can contain white space including tab character)
- savecmd() now also saves commands if nodo is on
- /*tex tex*/ block within stlog now allowed (will not be treated as tex)
- general support for comments ("/* */", "//...", "///...", "*...") (and line
  breaks in commands added) (however, no support for "#d ;")
- texdoc_strip() now handles "// texdoc exit" and line breaks etc.
- texdoc_striplog() now handles line breaks etc.
- init options can now be set in texdoc do even if init() is not specified;
  the option are stored in globals (TeXdoc_init0_...) and serve as defaults for
  texdoc init
- texdoc_stlog_open and texdoc_stlog_close now pass through the version so that 
  sjlog picks up the line size
- texdoc: append option added

- -clear all- and -set mem- now allowed in texdoc do-files

- texdoc stlog now chops first log line only if equal to "{\smallskip}"
- corrections in helpfile
- tex, texdoc stlog, and texdoc close no longer return error if texdoc not 
- /*tex ... tex*/ may now contain /*tex ... tex*/
- fput() error in -texdoc do- if TeXdoc_docname not defined; problem fixed

- -texdoc do- and /*tex ... tex*/ structur added
- bug fixed with abbreviated -oom-

- texdoc stlog oom/cnp no longer require texdoc and texdoc stlog to be 
- note on $ in helpfile
- mm_strexpand() now included in texdoc.ado

- texdoc released on SSC