Color palettes, symbol palettes, and line pattern palettes for Stata graphs


The palettes package contains Stata commands colorpalette, commands colorcheck, colorpalette9, symbolpalette, and linepalette. The commands are used by grstyle to manage colors, symbols, and line patterns. They can also be used directly to view, retrieve, or analyze a palette.

Stata 9.2 or newer is required. Commands colorpalette and colorcheck require Stata 14.2 or newer. The engine behind these commands is a Mata library called ColrSpace, which has been written in Stata 14.2.


To install the commands on your system, run command

ssc install palettes, replace

in Stata. Thereafter, type

help palettes

to view the help file. In Stata 14.2 or newer, the ColrSpace package is required. Hence, also type

ssc install colrspace, replace

To check for updates, type

adoupdate palettes colrspace

Alternatively, you can download palettes and ColrSpace from the SSC Archive and add the files to your system manually (see file readme.txt within and for installation instructions).

Latest version

The latest versions of the palettes and ColrSpace packages can be found at GitHub (more frequently updated than SSC). To install the packages from GitHub, type:

net install palettes, replace from(
net install colrspace, replace from(


The palettes package has been written by Ben Jann.

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The ColrSpace package can be cited as follows:

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