help symbolpalette                 


    symbolpalette -- Symbol palettes


    Syntax 1: Retrieve (and display) a palette

        symbolpalette [palette] [, palette_options graph_options ]

    Syntax 2: Display multiple palettes

        symbolpalette [, palette_options graph_options ] : [ list_of_palettes ]

    where list_of_palettes is

        palette [, palette_options] [ / palette [, palette_options] / ... ]

    palette               Description
    Main (view)
      default             15 symbols as in Stata's monochrome schemes; the default
      lean                15 symbols as in lean by Juul (2003)
      tufte               15 symbols as in tufte by Atz (2011)
      pplain              15 symbols as in plotplain by Bischof (2017)
      pblind              14 symbols as in plotplainblind by Bischof (2017)

      symbollist          custom list of symbols
      myname              custom palette provided by program symbolpalette_myname

    palette_options       Description
    n(#)                  specify size of palette (number of symbols)
    select(numlist)       select/order elements
    reverse               arrange palette in reverse order

    graph_options         Description
      title(string)       custom graph title
      gropts(options)     options to be passed through to the graph command

    Syntax 1 only
      rows(#)             minimum number of rows; default is 5
      nograph             do not generate a graph

    Syntax 2 only
      horizontal          horizontal plot; the default
      vertical            vertical plot
      labels(strlist)     custom palette labels
      msize(msizestyle)   size of markers


    symbolpalette is a utility command to retrieve or display symbol palettes.
    Palette entries are returned in r().

    symbolpalette is used by grstyle set.


    ----+ Palette options +----------------------------------------------------------

    n(#) specifies the size of the palette (the number of elements). Typically this
        just selects the first # elements from the palette and is thus equivalent to

    select(numlist) selects and orders the elements retrieved from the palette.

    reverse returns the palette in reversed order.

    ----+ Graph options +------------------------------------------------------------

    title(string) specifies a custom title for the graph.

    gropts(twoway_options) provides options to be passed through to the graph

    rows(#) specifies the minimum number of rows in the graph (syntax 1 only). The
        default is 5.

    nograph suppresses the graph (syntax 1 only).

    horizontal displays the palettes horizontally (syntax 2 only). This is the

    vertical displays the palettes vertically (syntax 2 only).

    labels(strlist) provides custom labels for the palettes (syntax 2 only). Enclose
        labels with spaces in double quotes.

    msize(markersizestyle) sets the size of the marker symbols (syntax 2 only).
        Default is msize(large).


    ----+ default +------------------------------------------------------------------

    Palette default (view) contains the symbols used for p1 to p15 in Stata's
    monochrome schemes. default is the default palette.

    ----+ lean +---------------------------------------------------------------------

    Palette lean (view) contains the symbols used for p1 to p15 in schemes lean1 and
    lean2 by Juul (2003).

    ----+ tufte +--------------------------------------------------------------------

    Palette tufte (view) contains the symbols used for p1 to p15 in the tufte scheme
    by Atz (2011).

    ----+ pplain +-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Palette pplain (view) contains the symbols used for p1 to p15 in the plotplain
    scheme by Bischof (2017).

    ----+ pplain +-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Palette pplain (view) contains the symbols used for p1 to p14 in the
    plotplainblind scheme by Bischof (2017).

    ----+ symbollist +---------------------------------------------------------------

    Instead of using a named palette you can provide a custom palette by specifying a
    list of symbolstyles. Example:

        . symbolpalette X smplus s t

    ----+ myname +-------------------------------------------------------------------

    A personal named palette can be provided in form of a program called
    symbolpalette_myname, where myname is the name of the palette. Palette myname
    will then be available to symbolpalette like any other palette. Your program
    should return the symbol definitions as a comma-separated list in local macro P.

        program symbolpalette_hollow
            c_local P Oh,Dh,Th,Sh,oh,dh,th,sh

    After defining the program, you can, for example, type

        . symbolpalette hollow

    to view the palette.


        . sysuse auto, clear
        . separate price, by(rep) shortlabel
        . symbolpalette tufte, n(5) nograph
        . scatter price? weight, ytitle(Price) msymbol(`r(p)')

Saved results

    symbolpalette stores the following in r() (Syntax 1 only):

      r(n)            number of returned palette entries

      r(ptype)        symbol
      r(pname)        name of palette
      r(pnote)        additional information on palette (if provided)
      r(p)            space separated list of palette entries
      r(p#)           #th palette entry
      r(p#info)       info of #th palette entry (if provided)


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    Bischof, D. 2017. New graphic schemes for Stata: plotplain and plottig.  The
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    Juul, S. 2003. Lean mainstream schemes for Stata 8 graphics. The Stata Journal
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    Ben Jann, University of Bern,

    Thanks for citing this software as

        Jann, B. (2018). Color palettes for Stata graphics. The Stata Journal 18(4):


        Jann, B. (2017). palettes: Stata module providing color palettes, symbol
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Also see

    Online:  help for colorpalette, colorpalette9, linepalette, grstyle set, graph,