Dates correspond (roughly) to SSC Archive releases.

- minor changes to helpfile due to new colorpalette version

- command -grstyle set color- now calls command -colorpalette9- instead of 
  -colorpalette- if used in a Stata version older than 14.2

- command -grstyle set plain- now has options -box- and -minor-
- commands -grstyle set mesh- and -grstyle set imesh- no longer print a minor 
  grid by default, instead they now have a -minor- option
- command -grstyle set color- now supports selecting colors from multiple palettes
- spaces are now allowed between values and units in size specifications and -in- 
  can now also be specified as -inch- (or -inc-); this concerns -gstyle set 
  graphsize-, -grstyle set size-, -grstyle set symbolsize-, -grstyle set 
  linewidth-, and -grstyle set margin-
- the default element set by -grstyle set intensity-, -grstyle set symbol-, 
  -grstyle set lpattern-, -grstyle set symbolsize-, and -grstyle set linewidth-
  is now -p- if a single value is provided and -p#- if more than one value 
  is provided or option plots() is specified

- command -grstyle set nogrid- has been added
- command -grstyle set noextend- has been added
- command -grstyle set plain- now has new options -nogrid- and -noextend-
- -grstyle set margins- now reorders the provided numbers when writing a
  scheme entry (because Stata interprets margins scheme entries as 
  "left right top bottom" instead of the usual "left right bottom top")

- new command grstyle set
- new command grstyle type
- command gstyle refresh discarded; settings are now refreshed automatically

- some minor bug fixes and small improvements

- grstyle released on SSC