Dates correspond (roughly) to SSC Archive releases.

14apr2018 (version 1.2.5)
- options width() and height() in -webdoc graph- were ignored if as() contained 
  more than one element; this is fixed
- the help file now has suffix .sthlp instead of .hlp

21dec2017 (version 1.2.4)
- sthlp() option of -webdoc stlog- now has a -noid- suboption to ignore the 
  log-id when constructing internal links
- -webdoc toc- now looks for -id="..."- in HTML headings; if found, the 
  specified id will be used instead of making up an own id

13nov2017 (version 1.2.3)
- the 30jan2017 update introduced an error due to which comments in Stata output 
  were not always tagged correctly; this is fixed

12apr2017 (version 1.2.2)
- option header(include()) returned error (due to a typo in file handle); this
  is fixed

02feb2017 (version 1.2.1)
- when pre-processing the do-file and processing the log files, lines starting
  with "*" in a multiline-command could be misinterpreted; this is fixed

17jan2017 (version 1.2.0)
- -webdoc close- caused error if -logall- was active; this is fixed
- option -linesize()- of -webdoc stlog- did not always behave as expected;
  this is fixed

28nov2016 (version 1.1.8)
- -webdoc stlog quietly- added
- -webdoc do- now allows arguments
- -logall- did not capture Stata commands at the beginning of a do-file if
  the do-file was included by a nested -webdoc do- command; this is fixed
- some internal changes related to the -cmdlog- and -dosave- options

04nov2016 (version 1.1.7)
- -webdoc substitute- added
- -webdoc stlog oom- and -webdoc stlog cnp- no longer have any effect if used 
  outside an stlog section or if webdoc is not initialized
- fixed a bug with in -webdoc local-

31oct2016 (version 1.1.6)
- -webdoc local- can now also be used within an stlog section
- -webdoc graph- commands within an stlog section were not executed if nodo
  was on; this is fixed
- WebDoc_stloc was not backed up in nested calls to -webdoc do-; this is fixed
- the functions for parsing command lines have been rewritten; they are now more
  transparent and faster
- stripping of webdoc commands in -webdoc strip- or when processing a log file
  has been improved
- globals set by -webdoc stlog- are now kept until the next -webdoc stlog- 

21oct2016 (version 1.1.4)
- webdoc did not work in Stata 9 because because it uses the tokenget() function
  that was introduced in Stata 10; version control has now been promoted to 10.1
- -webdoc stlog- now has a linesize() option
- new options mark() and tag() have been added to -webdoc stlog-
- new option -certify- has been added to -webdoc stlog-
- there is a new -webdoc local- command
- current r()-returns are now preserved by -webdoc stlog- and -webdoc stlog close- 
- dosave option: a message with a link to the file is now displayed
- fixed a bug in -webdoc stlog, dosave: command-
- the -link- option of -webdoc graph- now has an optional argument to select the
  target file
- the -hardcode- option of -webdoc graph- now supports SVG
- -webdoc append- now has a drop() option
- now using http instead of https to copy CSS and Javascript files in Stata 12 
  or earlier (only relevant if option -selfcontained- is specified)
- header option -charset()- now defaults to "iso-8859-1" (Windows, Unix) or 
  "mac" (MacOSX) if webdoc is used in Stata 13 or earlier
- file open errors could occur on Windows (probably due to virus scanners) 
  when replacing files using unlink() followed by fopen(); webdoc now uses 
  multiple tries to open the file

10sep2016 (version 1.1.2)
- the -link- option of -webdoc graph- now has an optional argument to select
  the target file
- the -hardcode- option of -webdoc graph- now supports SVG
- -webdoc append- now has a drop() option

01sep2016 (version 1.1.1):
- -webdoc init, header()- now also works if no docname is specified
- CSS/scripts: bootstrap/bootswatch updated to version 3.3.7; jquery now loaded 
  from, not; links to CCS files and scripts
  now include Subresource Integrity (SRI) hash
- -webdoc append- now has a substitute() option
- compound double quotes in -webdoc stlog, sthlp()- caused error; this is fixed
- -webdoc stlog, sthlp- now uses a more robust link substitution procedure
- when determining the amount if indentation, ltrim now treats tabs as blanks
  and ignores lines that only contain white space
- figure id was empty if -webdoc graph name- was used without any stlog 
  information being available; this is fixed

06aug2016 (version 1.1.0):
- webdoc released on SSC