Dates correspond (roughly) to SSC Archive releases.

- major update to colorpalette
  o color management ported to Mata: ColrSpace() class
  o colorpalette9 provided for backward compatibility
  o improved ipolate(); new gscale(), cblind(), intensify(), saturate(), luminate() 
  o additional input formats such as "xyz # # #" etc. as well as 140 web colors
  o new viridis and other matplotlib palettes
  o new lch and jmh color generators
  o tableau is now a separate palette
  o mata(name) to obtain colors from Mata ColrSpace object
  o new order() option
  o now automatically recycles/interpolates colors depending on n(); can be 
    turned off by -noexpand-; class() option to determine palette class 
    (relevant for deciding whether to recycle or interpolate)
  o forcergb to always use rgb, for example also for named Stata colors
  o now displays error if options are specified that are not allowed with palette
  o now displays error if a color is not found
  o graph options:
    . new nonumbers option
    . new names option in syntax 1
    . new span option in syntax 2
    . option plabels() is now labels() (plabels() still supported)

- option -ipolate()- added to -colorpalette-

- command -colorpalette- now supports combining colors from different palettes
- the list of palettes provided to -colorpalette:- can now contain . to insert 
- command -symbolpalette- displayed an error message if a custom palette with 
  just one element was specified; this is fixed
- released on SSC