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grstyle is a Stata command that allows you to customize the overall look of graphs from within a do-file without having to fiddle around with external scheme files. The advantage of grstyle over manually editing a scheme file is that everything needed to reproduce your graphs can be included in a single do-file. Furthermore, grstyle provides a number of useful features such as assigning color palettes or setting absolute sizes.

Stata 9.2 or newer is required. Some features may require newer Stata versions.


To install grstyle on your system, run commands

ssc install grstyle, replace
ssc install palettes, replace

in Stata. Some features of grstyle rely on utilities provided by the palettes package. This is why the palettes package needs to be installed. Thereafter, type

help grstyle

to view the help file. To check for updates, type

adoupdate grstyle palettes

Alternatively, you can download grstyle and palettes from the SSC Archive ( and and add the files to your system manually (see file readme.txt within or for installation instructions).

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grstyle has been written by Ben Jann.

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